Real Pilates

The Instructor Becomes a Student Again

Hello Lovely People,


I have some exciting news to share with everyone (ok, some of you already know my secret.)  This weekend, I started another Pilates certification program with Real Pilates.  Since I'm already a certified instructor, what I'm doing is known as a Bridge Program.  This course will take place over the next 30 weeks and I'm both inspired and exhausted by the journey ahead of me.


You might be thinking, "Where will you find the time for this?" or "But Samone, you already know so much.  Why are you doing this?"  And these are really good questions.  To answer the first question, I'm really not sure.  But I feel it'll all come together as it needs to.  To answer why I'm doing this, I think there's always more to learn.  The Pilates method has been in my body since 2001 and I've been teaching since 2012.  During the last 5 years, I have continued to take Pilates classes/sessions from instructors I admire, workshops in special conditions & injuries and learned on the fly with my valued clients.  I think my clients appreciate when I have recently completed a workshop or learned a new technique.  These little nuggets of information inspire me to work differently and deeper. 


It's 10:30pm on Sunday and I've been at the studio since Friday afternoon going back to the basics and learning the beginner system all over again.  My mind is mush.  I am reassured that I have a really strong start.  Core Pilates, NYC has given me a robust foundation.  But I am also relearning certain exercises in a new way.  My "hands on" is getting more "in your business"  And I'm learning the way our elder, Romana, taught the exercises.  It's challenging to change my script.  


I'm already inspired to bring some new techniques to my classes and sessions.  For my long time faithful clients, we'll start to incorporate some of these changes and hopefully you'll see/feel the difference.  We'll continue to learn & grow together.  As I've always believed, Pilates is a system.  Pilates is a process.  Pilates is a practice.