I found a quick turnaround in terms of noticeable improvements. I had gotten used to my back hurting, thinking it was just my lot in life. Pilates sessions proved that a strong core did a lot to alleviate my back pain. I also noticed that my knees (which are stiff due to sports-related injuries) started to regain some mobility. 

Samone has been able to listen, research, and offer alternative exercises that don't aggravate my pain points and still kick butt. She is fun to work with. I know I'll get a great workout, learn something new, and have a few good laughs. 

– Kit B., client since 2012

I was a fitness novice. I found Pilates very calming and a really good way to support my new interest in fitness.  It's been educational when it comes to understanding how the body works and what I'm capable of.

I now have better workouts at the gym, and a greater understanding of my body.  
Learning how to breathe was a plus.  

– Geo S., client since 2013

I couldn't have felt more safe during my prenatal sessions. They were exactly what I was looking for, both challenging and restorative.

Samone knows what she's doing and it shows in every exercise of her class. 

My postnatal sessions with Samone were extremely beneficial both mentally and physically. When I first started working out after my pregnancy, I could do around half of what I could do before. She was very reassuring during that challenging time about getting my strength and my body back.

Working with Samone helped my body bounce back so quickly after delivery & got me back to where I was before having my son. 


-Kim W., client since 2015

I had never worked out before. I discovered I could do it! I walked out of my first session with Samone feeling accomplished, and that Pilates was not only something I could handle, but was also totally fun!

I am also more in tune with my body and my muscles, and have a much deeper understanding of my body in general. I have also discovered my abs! Who knew they existed?! I am still not athletic by nature, but I now feel strong confident.

I was lucky enough to share my first Pilates experience with Samone and I am so thrilled that she was the one who introduced me to the practice and is my guide along the way. She is patient and kind while at the same time pushing me to new levels and assuring me that I can do it.  

– Rachel M., client since 2013

I was not very fit before and knew I needed to do something to improve my body's condition. 
Pilates has created an unprecedented body consciousness. 

I felt better and stronger with each class.

I am inspired by the depth of her knowledge and experience. 
After my Pilates session with Samone, I feel simply the best of myself!

– Sadia Y., client since 2012

I’ve noticed my posture is back to where it used to be; my running has improved as my core has strengthened and my breathing has become much more stable as I do my endurance runs.

It has really helped everything—it is such an entire body workout.

Samone pushes you but also is very much aware of your body and its limits. She takes into account the exercise you normally do and past exercise experience, and really focuses on your strengths and what your body should aspire to do.

It’s such a joy to have someone who makes you excited to learn and see what your body can do. Every lesson is different yet somehow builds on what you’ve learned last. She’s tough but funny and her love for Pilates is infectious.

– Amanda V., client since 2014

By incorporating Pilates with Samone, my adjustments are holding better and my body structure is moving towards the right direction after each adjustment from Dr. Benner [of Oasis Healing Arts].

I strongly believe that Pilates attributed to expediting improvements with my back as I felt taller and discovered that I had grown half an inch.

I have more definition, a stronger core, and my clothes fit me much better!

I look and feel great, and Samone continues to challenge me because I want to heal my body and make it stronger!

I am beyond grateful my chiropractor discovered and introduced me to Samone! I feel so fortunate to have an amazing trainer that truly cares about me and continues to improve upon her craft to help make her clients better!

– Nadine B., client since 2014