Hands On Pilates

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Hands On Pilates, NYC!!

That's right!  I've been in business exactly a year, today.  Time has definitely flown by.  

When I work with my clients, I periodically check in with them to assess their progress.  I will ask how they're feeling both in mind and body.  This process is for both of us.  I want to confirm that we're working towards their unique goals.  In addition, I want my client to examine how far s/he has come in their Pilates journey.  Are they feeling better than before?  Does s/he feel stronger?  Has Pilates affected other parts of their daily life?  What more do you want to accomplish and how can I help you? This self reflection is an important part of all journeys and relationships.  

So now it's my turn.  How has opening Hands On Pilates, NYC affected my daily life?  Do I feel better or stronger than before?  What goals do I have in my Pilates journey and are they different than before?  How can I cultivate the business/lifestyle I imagine?

Wow!  That's a lot to ponder.  Let's take a little inventory of this past year.

When I first started this business, I was a successful instructor who worked for several other businesses.  My classes were full and I was living a comfortable, yet harried life.  I was always running from place to place.  This is not a complaint.  Since changing careers 4.5 years ago, I have transformed my life in countless ways that continue to bring me joy.  But that doesn't mean I wasn't also exhausted.  Each client and class I teach deserves 100% of my attention.  So at the end of the day, I am wiped out.

Opening my own small studio has freed up some of my time.  It's given me a tremendous amount of responsibility that I did not have before.  My time is suddenly even more valuable than before and I am more judicious in how & with whom I spend it.  I am able to take classes!!!  I can devote several hours a week to my own practice, both with my favorite instructors and on my own equipment.  Pilates constantly challenges me both physically and mentally.  If I don't keep learning and discovering, how can I inspire my clients?

To that point, I have found time to take a few highly specialized workshops this last year.  Through Kinected and Mt. Sinai Hospital, I took a gross anatomy workshop last July.  It may seem a little grotesque to some.  However, handling actual joints, muscles and bones is so enlightening!  It has truly expanded my understanding of our bodies.  As a continuation of that class, I took a workshop in November on shoulder rehabilitation.  It's all so fascinating to know how modern medicine has advanced to repair our torn limbs.  Often it's up to me to continue a client's rehabilitation post surgery.  Now I have more tools in my kit to help in that recovery.  Every Pilates class I take, along with every workshop, gives me new exercises or new perspectives on the Pilates system.  I am constantly reinvigorated.  My clients can always tell when I've had an amazing class or returned from a workshop with new ideas and exciting exercises.

My clients continue to inspire me in new ways.  While I may only see them one or two times a week, I am amazed at what they take from me into their homes & daily lives.  Several of them document our sessions so they can practice at home or in their gyms. I'm happy to give homework as well.  Often they come in and show me how far they've come!  I am beyond impressed and honored to know my influence transpires the studio space.  And I take my clients with me throughout each day.  Thank you all for this past year and helping me through this transition.

As I continue to reflect on this past year, I also look ahead to see how I want this adventure to continue.  Numbers on the scale or in the bank have never really interested me.  I'm more interested in how I feel in my mind & body.  This next year I want to feel even more empowered and liberated.  I will look for ways to expand my physical horizons within my Pilates practice.  Specifically, I want more mobility & strength in my shoulders.  I want to work within the advanced system and challenge myself with Flow.  I want to work more with the barrels & chair.  These things excite & challenge me.  Within my business, I hope to welcome new friends & clients to work with me.  Every client has a unique journey & lesson to teach me.  I can't wait to discover how I can help all of you.  Let's continue the adventure together!


Wishing you the best in mind & body,