I'm bloggin' for the first time!!

Welcome to my website & welcome to my blog!  If you're in NYC, I hope to welcome you to my studio, Hands On Pilates, NYC.

I started practicing Pilates in 2001.  In that time, I've done The Hundred over 2500 times!  And here's a little secret for you.  It still kicks my butt every time.  But that's why I love Pilates.  Even the most basic and fundamental exercises continue to be beneficial, challenging and help me feel alive. 

My first Pilates class was out of obligation.  I didn't like to exercise and hadn't done so in several years.  I don't like to sweat.  My friend wanted to take this mat class, but didn't want to go alone.  So being a good friend, I tagged along to Body Tonic in Park Slope Brooklyn.  What a gift she gave me!  I had finished my second round of physical therapy for back pain only a few months earlier.  Believing myself to be "cured," I had gone back to my routine of working 12+ hours a day and playing hard during my time off.  I was exhausted.  Not surprisingly, my back pain had started to return.  What I discovered in that first class was that over half the mat exercises were the same as my physical therapy.  And after class, I felt AMAZING.  I was hooked.  This is what I needed to relieve pain.  Pilates is what I needed to feel functional.  And when I found ease and movement, I found happiness.

Whenever I was having a struggle in my life, I'd pop into a class or take a session.  Just having that one hour devoted to my breath and physical well being reduced the stress and anxiety I had.   I was refreshed.  Then I worked it into my weekly schedule, first one class a week and then twice when I could afford it.  And my back pain...what back pain?  That doctor in 2000 who said I'd probably need surgery within a few years?  She can eat it!  See that?  I found confidence, too.  When I found strength in my body, I found strength in my voice.

I discovered a new sense of myself both physically, mentally and emotionally.  This led me to make stronger and bolder choices in my life.  Finding my previous career of stage managing to be more of a drain of my energy & emotions, I gravitated to what was already nourishing me.  In 2011 I made that choice a reality and charged into this next chapter of my life.  Becoming an instructor and opening this studio has changed everything.  Finding a community that encourages individuality and growth has had such a profound impact on me.  

I truly believe in Pilates.  The method as Joseph Pilates intended is a system that has transformed my mind and body.  Everyday, I seem to uncover something new for myself.  Then I pass it along to my clients.  I can't even express the joy I feel when that light bulb goes off with a new client.  It's a magical moment.  Sometimes that "Ah Ha" moment happens in an instant.  With others, it might take a few weeks, but they sense a change occurring.  There might be less pain.  One client finally beat her opponent on the tennis court.  Another client with severe scoliosis literally grew a half inch!  I'm in awe of their commitment to themselves and their faith my my guidance.  This is my passion and drive.  Please join me on the journey.

Now watch me bang out another Hundred.  I'm gonna kill it!