Private Pilates sessions are a great way to learn the Pilates system in a way that is structured to your individual needs. By having personal attention, Samone can monitor your form & alignment at all times. Each session is structured towards your specific goals while using the Pilates equipment. You'll get more in depth knowledge of what's right FOR YOU, whether you're a professional athlete, weekend warrior, recovering from an injury or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

1 Session / $110
5 Sessions / $500
10 Sessions / $950
20 Sessions / $1800



Semi Private classes are a maximum of 4 clients. Samone is able to give each person attention & corrections to maintain form & alignment. The pace of class varies based on the individuals in class. We use the all the available equipment to work through the Pilates system and explore stability, mobility, endurance & balance. Every class is different and keeps you on your toes. These classes are a cost effective way to add another workout to your week.

1 class / $55
5 classes / $260
10 classes / $450

NEW CLIENT Semi Private Incentive
3 classes FOR $120

Find Samone in Tribeca, W. Soho & union Square


Duet sessions are best done in studio, but can also take place in your home or personal gym. Working out with a friend or spouse can be fun, supportive and cost effective way to work out. Each session is structured towards each person’s specific goals. Studio duets use the Pilates equipment to maintain form and develop strength. Home duet sessions will be mat based and use a variety of props. Give yourself some accountability & have some laughs by bringing a buddy to your session.

Home sessions are classical, mat based Pilates. Samone may bring a variety of small props including, but not limited to: magic circle, light weights, therabands, foam roller and OOV. Every session is tailored to meet your schedule, personal goals and needs. Sessions can be done in your home or personal gym.

Corporate Classes are classical, mat based Pilates. These classes are great ways to build a positive team environment and encourage a healthy lifestyle for your employees.

Please contact Samone directly for rates, location & availability.


Incentive packages & single sessions must be used within 1 month.

All regularly priced packages expire 6 months from purchase date.

All sessions must be paid for in advance of service and are subject to NYC sales tax.

Sessions canceled with less than 36 hours notice will be charged against your account.